By March, Russia was in the top of the countries in which the Clubhouse app is the most popular. The Russian audience of Clubhouse may already number 540,000 users

The Clubhouse app for voice communication has been downloaded 540,000 times in Russia since its launch. According to this indicator, Russia ranks fifth in the world, according to data from the research company AppAnnie (available from RBC).

Since its release on the iOS platform in September, the app has received 12.7 million downloads worldwide. Since March 1, the number of users of the application has increased by 1.3 million. In terms of the number of downloads, the US is in first place by a wide margin, where the application was downloaded 3.2 million times. In Japan, downloads ar


e almost half as many – here Clubhouse was downloaded 1.8 million times. It is followed by Germany (735 thousand), ranked third in the world and first among European countries. The fourth most popular country is Brazil (615,000 downloads), followed by Russia.

In Russia, the app began to gain popu

larity in early February: according to AppAnnie, as of February 8, Clubhouse was downloaded only 8,000 times. Thus, in a little more than a month in Russia, the Clubhouse audience grew by almost 68 times.

In February, Clubhouse was the third most downloaded social app worldwide, behind WhatsApp and Facebook. In Russia, he took second place, ahead of Faccebook. However, in March, interest in the application began to decline, states AppAnnie. In the top 10 countries in terms of its downloads, the app occupies the fourth-tenth place among social networks and does not lead in any market. In Russia in March, Clubhouse dropped to fifth place in terms of the number of downloads among social networking applications.

Clubhouse is a social network where you can communicate in audio chats. Alpha Exploration Co. introduced it in March 2020, in September it became available in the App Store. While Clubhouse is only available on iOS, the Android app is still in development. There are two ways to get into the application: by receiving an invitation from someone who already communicates with the Clubhouse, or by registering in it and waiting for the turn to come and the platform adds a new user.

According to Clubstat, the most popular Russian blogger on the social network is now Ilya Varlamov (162,000 followers). He is followed by Ksenia Dukalis (98 thousand) and Oleg Tinkov (93.2 thousand).